Do U Know Of Any GOOD RPG's, Like FFVII Style? PC

Sup, I've been a Gamer for a looooong time, and now a'days I'm leaving the Console more and more to play on my PC, Runs faster & looks better. I'm looking for some Old School Style RGP's for the PC, no ONLINE tho, Simple with a cool story like FFVII *got it* or Something Like Dragon Quest VIII, or even Legend of Dragoon wich was awesome!! anyone than can give out some help on this? Thanx L8r.
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  1. Soooo... I guess It's not JUST me that there's nothing out there :( crap...
  2. Thanx!, altho never been a Diablo Fan, Advent Rising Sounds Pretty good, is about the Human Race saving right? Jedi Outcast.. (Already Shoved my Light Saber into a lot of online gamers) Nevernights. I've heard good stuff about it, will have to try. Nox.. Done it hehe, Fable, I pretty much beat twice that game, it was awesome!

    What I mean in Old School is the fighting system, a'la Final Fantasy.. :roll:
  3. I have prepared a small list of the games that I liked. If u need clarification please ask:

    Ad&d real time combat:
    1. PS:Torment (all time favourite CRPG)
    2. Neverwinter (lots of user modules available on the vault)
    3. BG I&II
    4. IWD I&II

    Other Real time:

    Star Wars knights of the old republic I&II
    Oblivion (continuation of the former)

    Turn based combat

    Fallout I&II (if you haven’t played them these are a must)
    Temple of elemental evil (suffered from weak story quests but one of the best implementations of turn based combat IMHO)

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