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I was curious if anybody on this forum is, or has any experience writing programs/applications. I am curious about pursuing programming as a hobby and I was curious to know what is a good language to write multimedia apps. in? I am interested in things like midi sequencers, programs that will trigger external hardware such as vcrs and other gadgets via serial,parralel ports. Any guidance is greatly appreciated! luces
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  1. I got into programing at work. I starting using SQL scripting for database access (very easy, but not a real programing language) and then moved on to creating mini applications in excel vba (proper programing but very, very restrictive) from here its just a short step to Visual Basic proper. Visual basic is a good language to start out with. Its object oriented and there are loads and loads of books about it.
    You should try to get hold of some books about programing theory and a basic and intermediate VB book. After that you should be able to teach yourself the rest. I did and im a dumb ass.

    Whats all this about square pegs and round holes?
  2. If you want to start quickly, without going through the tedious process of learning a complex language, go for Visual Basic 6 - its easy to grasp and quick to get going.

    For creating multimedia applications, VB supports a lot of things, but if you want to create a heavy-duty thing, there are always a lot of free add-in modules from third-party sources that you can use with VB.

    Parallel-port,etc. handling is more or less same (measn equally complex or simple) in all languages, so VB will do fine.

    The other way, if you really want to "learn" programming fundamentals, go and grab an algorithms book first (one famous is by Cormen/Rivest). Then get a C++ book, and finally a Visual Basic book. Then, you should have arrived.

    Manish - just another 1-page site.
  3. thanks for the advice!!!!! I will try them all! luces
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