Have Product key but will not work for me

I just purchase Officr Home an Studenr product but the tell me that the product
Key is not right so what must I do now.
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  1. Take it back or call MS
  2. Contact Microsoft, and double check that your typing it right. Make sure you didnt but a pirated copy.
  3. You must call microsoft...read the key to the them they will verify it for you!!!!!Did you purchase this from a reputable source?
  4. knotknut said:
    Take it back or call MS

    Most (if not all) retailers will not accept opened software packages for return or refund. You might be able to get away with it if you can show them that the key provided with the product does not work, but most of them will simply tell you that you can't return it, or will tell you contact the vendor.
  5. microsoft will help you if its legit!
  6. This happened to me when I purchased an upgrade disk and tried to install it onto a blank hard drive. The program will tell you that you cannot install it as the product key in not valid.

    To get around this you have to install it and do NOT enter the product key. It will allow you to install the product.

    THEN you have to reboot off the same DVD and install it again, but this time choose the upgrade option and format the hard drive. This will allow you to Upgrade the same installation of Windows 7.

    It is a trick I had to do to get mine to install cleanly.
  7. Mark,

    Please read the thread before you post. The OP was talking about his copy of Office Home and Student, not Windows 7.
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