Problem w/ Asus A7V266-E

I have an Athlon XP 2000+ and an Asus A7V266-E. It was all running totally stable for about a month until 2 days ago. I've been pulling out my hair trying to find out what's wrong. Here are my symptoms, help would be appreciated.

I have 2 major problems. First off, my computer, running in XP Prof. will decided to reboot spontaniously, and the PC Speaker starts to beep about 1/sec. The second problem is that my system will hang on reboot, restart into BIOS and say that the CPU settings were invalid even though it was set to the proper settings.

any thoughts?
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  1. Would your mobo have some defective on it? Maybe your mobo breakers are messed?

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  2. well ... I don't think anything is defective. It's worked well for a few months up until this point. As for the "jumpers" its set to jumper-free mode, so that type of selection is controlled by BIOS. I have the experience level to know that my BIOS settings are correct.
  3. shot in the dark are ur it dusty inside the case...
  4. Did you change anything just prior to the problem starting.
    Do you have the latest BIOS 1007 final flashed?
    High frequency beeps when the system is running=CPU is overheated and the system is running at a
    lower frequency to cool down.

    :smile: <b><font color=blue> I took an I.Q. test today...It came back negative.</font color=blue></b> :lol:
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