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Does anyone know or could anyone make an educated guess about the ship date for the Soyo P4SDX and P4S648 motherboards?
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  1. Okay, I have gotten some info from Soyo Marketing.
    The Soyo P4S645DX will most likely be released next week, and be available in stores shortly thereafter. The Soyo P4S648 will most likely be delayed until late may or early June due to chipset availability issues.
  2. you should be warned ( I own the soyo p4s ultra based on the sis 645) the boards made by this company look good on paper but so far at least with the one I have there are some real problems 1. I cannot upgrade to a geforce 4 vid board without sending the whole mainboard back to soyo for a mod to a resistor. 2. they continually release BAD bios updates to fix problems that should never have existed in the first place ( it won't allow voltage changes and several other glitches that prevent overclocking).. each of the 3 bios flashs I have done caused more problems than the previous one . 3. they are not too reliable a company people that purchased the board I have were promised usb 2.0 we got a coupon instead for a via pci usb card that for some who bought as long ago as December have still not gotten it ( I purchased in January and got my card this week but it also has problems, you must unplug usb devices after reboot and re-plug them or they won't be recognized) Soyo also ignores email requests for support .. anyway .. good luck and caveat emptor ! be sure to read the posts at


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