anyone has an dual AMD MPconfig on an Asus MB?!

Does anyone with a dual Asus AMD MP config experience any skippings problems with listening to music (wav & mp3s)?! I tried every God damn thing except removing the MB :((...
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  1. remove the mobo and see how it works :P
    you talking about the onboard sound? if so, i haven't seen too many people have success with a c-media based sound in a dual rig. and i've seen even less people have success with asus's onboard sound.
    i would try some different drivers. there are c-media reference drivers i've heard give the best results. also check things like dma enabled for hdds, etc.

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  2. Yes, removing the MB has remained the ultimate solution. Or buying an MP3 player :).
    The on-board sound chip is disabled and I use an Creative Audigy Platinum. And yes, all drives have DMA enabled.
  3. Have you tried yer BIOS...maybe something's cacheing in a sensative spot...or maybe something could be cached that isn't...what OS(s) are you using on this? I know ya posted it in the CPU thread...but I fergot.

    Are you getting any conflicts with the onboard disabled? You say EVERYTHING else works properly, right? Try the SB in another slot...try manual adjusting the DMA/IRQ for the SB in either the BIOS(per slot) or SystemSettings (would try that before the BIOS)... try...gosh, there's so many things to try...

    You will have to devulge deeply into the BIOS and SystemSettings to figure out what is causing this latency with your soundcard.

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  4. For now I'm using WinXP and it seems that with Media Player it skips less often, although it still skips.
    I'll install Suse 8 today and see how it behaves, though.
    Yes, there are so many things to try, it's like trying to find a small pen in complete darkness. I've got a lot of advices, but never a clear one.
    I saw that a few devices are sharing the same IRQ, including the soundcard. Could that be a problem? How do I solve it?

  5. Some devices are capable or sharing IRQ's. But if there's a conflict, then that will definately cause problems such as the one you're having. When you're in your Device Manager, see if there is an "!", if so, you have a conflict or improper setting.

    Options to solve this type of conflict include:

    1) Remove the hardware (through windows, not physically) that is marked, then reinstall it [you can do this by rebooting and letting the hardware detection do it, or through control panel's Add New Hardware, or by running the hardware's install disc - all these may work, or only one may work]. This can often fix itself this way.

    2) Manually adjust the setting of the device(s) to have different IRQ's used (some hardware will allow this, some will not). This can be done via Device Manager as well.

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  6. That much I know, believe me :). I have no (visible) conflicts.
    One more thing: it seems that not only the music is skipping. Also movies on DVD do, although not so often, but it's still annoying.
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