Help needed with Quake 4 and 7800GTX . . .

Just got Quake 4, popped it in and installed and ... nadda. Shows the Quake4 emblem, goes to a grey screen for about 3 seconds then shuts down and returns me to my desktop??? I have the game patched up current and the latest forceware drivers (84.21) installed. Completely perplexed so I suspect it's something really dumb on my part. Any suggestions??? Here are my system specs:

Silverstone TJ-03 SILVERSTONE SST-ST60F 600W Modular ABIT AN8 Ultra (BIOS 19)
Athlon 64 4000+ SanDiego @ 2.75 Ghtz (11x250) 1.47V XP-90 w/ 92mm Panaflow fan
2 Gb (2x1GB) OCZ Platinum at 2-2-2-5 1T @ 2.9V eVGA 7800GTX w/ACS @ 496/1320
Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 300GB HDD Plextor PX-716SA / ASUS 16x DVD ROM
Creative X-FI Platinum Klipsch Promedia 2.1 XP Pro SP2

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Disable firewall and anti-virus. Yes, it happen to me one time when loading Quake 4 the first time and I saw a message from my anti-virus program saying " Blocked all ports(recommended)" I click yes and the game didn't start. I did it again and then allow the program (Quake 4) to run with no restriction from the anti-virus program and got throung the game and started playing. But it's not likely to happen.

    If that doesn't work then just try removing and reinstalling the game again. Try running it first with no patch to see if you can play it.
  2. Tried all that and still cant get Quake 4 to start up. Acts like it wants to, then closes.


    Doom3 plays awesome too . . .
  3. Do you have the latest bios, drivers and DirectX9.c on your system?

    When you play similar games does your pc do the same or is it just in Quake 4? That's just weird man. Looks to me that the problem is in the software but just to make sure test all your hardware. Test your ram with Memtest and the Microsoft Ram test software. I can't tell exactly what wrong with your system right now, it's still vague and just too many variable here. That's why you need to test all your hardware and software.
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