Asus a7v ??


Is there anyone in this forum who can tell me the
difference between these 3 versions of Asus motherboards

Asus a7v 266- C (based on kt 266-A) for Athlon
Asus a7v 266 E
Asus a7v 266- M

Waiting for your reply

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  1. You can read about their specs on the Asus web site...

    Basically the A7V-266E is the "high end" model using the Via KT266A chipset. It usually comes with RAID and a nice C-Media audio chip on-board.

    The A7V-266M is their cut down version that only has 2 PCI slots, no RAID, and uses a cheap AC97 audio controller.

    I don't believe there is a "C" model... Asus has several other models using the "C" letter, but not based on this Via KT266A chipset.

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  2. if i recall right the a7v266c was the high end board based on the kt266 chipset... so dont get that one as the kt266 sucks compared to the kt266A.

    Despite appearances im not Phsysic. I may need your system specifications to solve your problem!
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