Game won't start

It was working fine, and then I foolishly wanted to see what would happen if I pressed "Extreme" on graphics in the options. Then the game quit, and when I tried to start it up again, it was just BLACK. I can't see anything, yet I can hear the music on the main menu, and I can click on things.
I can't find a way to fix it besides blindly finding the options panel and pressing "Low" again.
Is there another way to fix this? Please help! :cry:
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  1. You can reinstall the game, and make a copy of your saved games folder so that you don't have to start the game from the begining.
  2. What's the game u talking about?
  3. RCT3
  4. It sounds like your video card and game settings aren’t seeing eye to eye. I think if you lower the video card settings you might be able to get back in. Like lower the refresh rate, no AA or anything else that will directly affect the game. You might get back in. If not uninstalling the video card driver and before reinstalling see if you can get back in the game. Starting in safe mode would be doing the same thing and might be simplest. Assuming windows doesn’t crash and burn. :wink:
  5. I agree with jiffy. Maybe u hardware doesn't support the "extreme" option. It's too much for u graphic card. U can force u video options to start in lower settings.
  6. Yup, his comp doesn't handle the settings. BUT his problem is that he can't get into the game to change the settings back (the game seems to launch with last used settings).

    I see 2 ways of fixing this:

    1. Look for a config.ini file (or similar) in the game's folder and manually changing the setting. This will involve guesswork unless he finds someone else with a copy of the game who can tell him what parameter he needs to change.

    2. Back-up his save games, then uninstall the game. Delete any residual config files (if any) left behind by the uninstaller, then reinstalling the game. He can then change his settings to something that'll work.

    All of this could be prevented if the game only loaded last STABLE settings, or bought up the option screen if the game wasn't shut down properly last time. Lazy programming.
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