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I have been playing oblivion for about a week now. Everthing was goin fine until I hit about level 9. I was doing the Benirus Manor quest and all of a sudden while quickloading into the manor (while quest was in the high point where there are spirits in the house) my pc would lock the game at the end of the load bar. Since this first instance it happens every time I quicksave or autosave inside a dungeon. The load bar loads the entire screen but at the end of the bar my screen starts blinking rapidly and all I get is the sound inside the dungeon. It sounds like my guy is there, I can hear the jump noise when I press jump, but I still only see the end of a blinking load screen. I open my journal at this point and the game crashes giving me the send error report message. This is very frustrating seeing how I played all the way to level 9 without this problem. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling without success. Anyone have similer problems to this one? I am running;
Abit KN8 SLI mobo
4000 AMD 64-bit processor
1 gig ddr in dual channel
180 gig SATA Maxtor hard drive
2 7800 Gt OC in SLI mode *this error still happens no matter what setting my SLI is in, even when I disable one card and run only a single GPU*
My card tempetures hang out at around 55c top one, and 50c lower one
600 watt BFG power supply
(ps, all my drivers are up to date, I use Driver agent to make sure of this once a week)
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  1. This is a known issue. Sadly I've not see any player fixes for this problem so you will have to wait for a patch. Untill then I guess you will have to check out other quests.

    People, please don't go crazy saying this is the worse game ever and that the developers can't code thier way out of a wet paper bag because this game has a bug.

    Every game has a bug that one of the millions of people who buy it runs into, just give them time to get the bug reports in and a patch up for it or newer drivers that resolve these problems.
  2. Quote:
    People, please don't go crazy saying this is the worse game ever and that the developers can't code thier way out of a wet paper bag because this game has a bug.

    I wasn't gonna say nothing of the sort, though I am goin crazy. I built a top of the line gaming rig and I really want to play this game to it's fullest. I loved Elder Scrolls III and this one looks like it is carrying on that torch just nicely. I was just hoping some of you guys might have found a good tempory fix. So far my only solution is not saving a game inside a dungeon. This works but I know later on in the game as the dungeon's get harder, I will have less of a chance of going through flawless the first time. I guess repetition is gonna be the key till they patch this....by the way anyone hear any rumors on a patch release anytime soon lol.
  3. I was not directing it at you as I said People, a more general term :D

    No one can say for sure but I would look for one in a month and a half to two and a half months. They have to gather all the reports of bugs then repeat them to see whats going on then go through 100,000 of thousands of lines of code.
  4. I think I may have found a way to now when the game will lock up on the load screen. This started happening to me after I did the quest where you take this staff from some lady that makes 4 scamps run around with you. A rule that I found was that you can't load the game unless you can see the sky. At least for me, I can't load any game that is inside of any building, dungeon, etc... That at least helps ya know how to not make it freeze up but it is really annoying when u are going through a dungeon and u die or a program makes Oblivion minimize to desktop.
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