More Temptations! Asus P4S533!

I know this is crazy, but I keep looking at different motherboards for both AMD and Intel platforms and the P4S533 seems like an amazing motherboard for the P4. It includes support for everything from DDR266 to DDR400 running on a 533MHz FSB! That's just amazing! This motherboard virutally guarantees at least a 533MHz bus under, say, a 1.6A P4. That's 2.13GHz. Add a little overclocking and 2.4GHz can be easily attained. Add some high quality DDR running at over 333MHz, and you have a P4 system that can match a PC800 system in performance for quite a bit less.

:wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
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  1. I know... I'm running the previous version P4S333 with a 1.6a at just over 2.2 GHz. with a bit of a nudge to the FSB. It's a sweet system!

    What's the P4S533 give you over my board? I think I heard it comes with on-board Lan, right?

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  2. It has official 533MHz FSB support as well as several FSB to RAM ratios so you can run DDR RAM from 266MHz to 400MHz.

    :wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
  3. ive been readin some posts over at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and many people have flashed their P4S333 mobo with the P4S533 BIOS....i have yet to try that cuz i cant seem to d/l the BIOS from asus' website.

    <b><font color=red>ATI</font color=red>'s drivers are like a broken faucet, they both keep on leaking...</b> :cool:
  4. I have my doubts on the reliablity of that BIOS flash. You wouldn't want to render a motherboard useless with an incorrect BIOS flash.

    :wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
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