OBLIVION vs FABLE vs ???????????????????

Since yesterday was my 27th birthday, and for that birthday I recieved a gift card to Best Buy, I want to purchase a new video game for the PC.

I've also just upgraded my computer to the following specs:

Sempron 3100+
1280MB DDR ram
X800GTO 256MB AGP Graphics Card - OC'd to 420 core / 510 memory.

around a 4600 score on 3Dmark05.

So, I want to play a really good RPG. The last good RPG I played was Guild Wars, and then I had a 3 month stint of WoW, but that fizzled out since I don't have 10 dollars every month to waste on a game I only play 10 hours a week...

So, I want to get back to non-mmoprg games, and play something new. I liked Guild Wars, but I tried to go back to it, since it was MMORPG with no fee, but since I've played all the missions, it is BORING.

So everyone is talking about this game OBLIVION, and honestly, I've never even played any of the Elder Scrolls series. My worry is I won't be able to enjoy Oblivion with this computer.

So after looking, I see that some people have really enjoyed FABLE. How do these two games COMPARE?

Or, is there something I am overlooking that I could play decent and still a pretty good game...

I also really liked half life 2, and play CS source daily... although the FEAR DEMO was a little bit too much for my computer (in Multiplayer mode, single player was playable... mostly).

So any suggestions?
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  1. Well fable is a good looking game as far as asthetics go but you wont get into it much past that. The game itself will only take you around 30 ish hours to complete and it will leave you hanging wanting more. Oblivion on the other hand has about 200 + hours with tons of things you can do from fighting in the arena's to guild fighting to just walking around the massively generated levels and killing off anything you see fit. Oblivion is newer therefore its going to have more stuff. Fable 2 however is going to be really fun. Oblivion is quite taxing on one's hardware though so dont expect to run it in the highest settings. I have personally played both games and i enjoyed fable but it didnt last long, now im consumed in the cd form of cocaine i like to call oblivion. Go oblivion dude and i wont suspect you will be posting on here much more because you wont be able to stop, then again, the only reason im even on the internet is because im at school and cant miss anymore days. I miss oblivion already and ive still got 5 hours to go :cry:
  2. <evil baby-eating don't-read-this-if-you-value-your-soul post>

    There are means by which you can try both these games to see if you like them. I was liking Oblivion 5-10 mins into the dungeon you start in (I mean the gameplay/fighting/game mechanics part. - the vast open-endedness I've loved since Daggerfall.)

    </evil baby-eating don't-read-this-if-you-value-your-soul post>
  3. Happy birthday, dude.

    Oblivion. I would certainly get that first over fable.

    The overall polish, finesse, and gameplay is rewarding in Oblivion and as far as I'm concerned it beats Fable hands down.
  4. Fable is a better game in many ways but as many people have said here it does not last long enough and once you compleat it you will be left hanging looking for something else.

    So if your looking for a game that will last you more than a week and will consume most of your hours and keep you up till 4am saying just one more hour then I will go to bed for the 7th time then Oblivion is your game although it wont look as pretty on your system but that can be lived with.

    On the other hand if you want to play one of the most polished and well made RPG's to date, where there is not a dull moment to be found then Fable is the game for you.... although you will most likely get Oblivion the week after lol.
  5. This is in response to your system specs if you choose Oblivion over Fable. I have a very similar set up: Athlon XP 3000, ATI X800XT, 2GB Ram.

    My settings for Oblivion are 1024*768, 2x AA, View distance 100%, all other settings on High except Shadow settings on Low (Settings below shadows for me are all off). All indoor areas run very smooth, outdoor areas can be slightly choppy but is tolerable by my tastes.

    Oblivion is simply fantastic and I believe any RPG fan should not miss out on this game.
  6. i haven't played oblivion yet but if u choose fable start at least 2 files one where ur good and one where ur evil this should keep u occupied longer and also it's more fun if u use different fighting styles in every file u have [#0000ff]
  7. Umm... you realize that this thread is over 2 years old right? Not much of a reason to reply to the guy, he is almost assuredly no longer trying to decide which one to buy...
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