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hi. Im having a problem that appeared all of a sudden. It takes 5 minutes to get to Logon screen, and then after I log on it takes 5 minutes to access the system (i.e main screen with START option, clock, etc.) I am going berserk staring at the screen for 10 minutes waiting until it loads up. Any help would be appreciated. I just built this new system month ago and it only started to happen 2 days ago. Any help is appreciated. cheers -

My specs: Pentium 4 3.o, 512 400 DDR ram, 60 gig hd, win xp pro.
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  1. Did you install anything right before it happened?
    Do the normal adware/spybot, antivirus, msconfig-startup check and see if anything is in there thats not supposed to be.
  2. sounds like you got hit with a new spyware that is a total b!tch to get rid of and displays those symptoms.. do a search for msg121.dll and msg121.cpy if you have them you are infected with this trojan like spyware it cannot be removed by adaware or spybot and if you are using ntfs it can't be done at a command prompt from a clean boot either. It is also referred to as the look2me (also known as kill2me in previous incarnations) virus.. read the emails <A HREF="http://www.computing.net/security/wwwboard/forum/10562.html" target="_new">here</A> and download the fix <A HREF="http://www10.brinkster.com/expl0iter/freeatlast/L2M/Msg121.htm" target="_new"> Here</A>

    hope that helps

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