need opinion on moboard

hi !

im gonna buy a pc very soon, i dont know very much about moboards so i wanted to get idea from the community around here

here is what im gonna get:

cpu: Athlon 1600 xp
mobo: maybe asus A7V-333 or some ppl suggested the gigabite
model Ga-7vrxp
RAM: 256 DDR (pc2100)
HDD maxtor 40gig 7200 rpm
video card: Xtasy Gforce 4 ti 4600 128 DDR
sound card: audigy oem
power suply 300 watts
burner RW 16x or 24x
cd-rom 52x

what do you guys think which motherboard is better in terms of stability, performance, and qualite and future options?

or do you have better to suggest?

c ya!
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  1. For about the same price, I suggest the P4 1.6a and asus p4s533 (only $107- cheaper than most athlon boards). It comes with deluxe sound and ata 133 support, and voice diagnostics. With good samsung or kingmax pc2700 memory, you should be able to hit 2.2 gigs easily and use the 3:4 ratio to run the memory at 180 fsb or higher.
  2. wouldn't i end up paying more because the P4 cpu is much
    more expensive?

    thx for all advice...
  3. I agree. Intel's CPUs are more expensive than AMD CPUs. I would go with Asus A7V-333. I have the Asus A7V-266E and I liked it a lot.
  4. that what i thought...cheching$$$! cpu!

    yeah i had an asus a7v 266e and it was running fine, it did
    not seem to have any problem for the little while i had it,
    the thing is the A7V333 is a new board and it does not seem
    to have much reports about its effectiveness, and since
    there are other boards i got a glimps of the gigabyte
    Ga-7vrxp and that one seem to have quite alot of feature
    and lots of ports for multiple things, but i was unable to
    get anything on how well it work and how it compared to the
    Asus A7V-333.

    c ya!
  5. Looks good but dosent that mobo support PC2700 DDR.
    I believe it dose and if so why put PC2100 DDR in?

    :eek: <font color=blue>Losers are for entertainment pourposes </font color=blue><font color=red>ONLY!</font color=red> :eek:
  6. well im not sure but the DDR pc2700 must be much more
    expensive so that is why i did not think about getting
    it,and there are not much difference in performance between
    the 2 only 3 to 5% faster not much for a posible much more
    expensive bill. don t u think? the DDR 2700 must not be
    selling cheap.
  7. Well Price Watch has PC2100 starting at $41 and PC2700 starting at $59

    $18 is not to steep a cost (well, 44% more, but it is less then 20 bucks. Oh, and I remember buying my first 4 megs of memory for about $500.00, so it is all relative.)

    AIB has these prices, and I've not had problems with them.
  8. interesting but i saw some bench mark comparing the same
    system with the 2 different rams and there was a minor
    difference, i thnik i saw it at or
    but i remember seeing the bench and telling myself why get
    DDR 2700 for pretty much not no change and ending up paying

    c ya!
  9. Check out the Abit NV7133-R or anything based on the nForce 415 chipset (without the onboard video). Your Athlon won't officially handle anything over a 266MHz FSB so the PC2700 thing is a red herring unless you're OCing. The nForce hyper-transport is faster than VIA's V-Link and you can take the money you save on the soundcard to buy some speakers that will make the excellent onboard audio make you forget about the Audigy, or another HDD to use the onboard Highpoint RAID and give your system a real performance boost.
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