Help!! Oblivion pauses on every sound!!


With oblivion every sound that is played i get a sudden jerk or pause in the game. For example take a step forward and when the sound is played the game will freeze for 1/2 a second and this happens on all sounds from combat to water gurgling or even a bird flying by. But if you are in quiet area with no sounds then the game works beautifully and runs great.

I experimented with the .ini file and turned off the sounds and the game runs perfect even when walking around or in combat. I am using a sound blaster extreme music with updated drivers and tried all pci ports on my motherboard but it will still have the same problem. No IRQ conflicts. I also removed the soundblaster card and used the integrated motherboard sound and i get the same issue. I have tried setting the hardware accelration down a notch on my sound and it still does help. I have also tried many of the tips and tricks on the forumz, including changing the frequency to 96000 from 48000, or disableing hardware sound in game but nothing works. My bios is updated to the lastest version also!

I have experienced this problem before with half life 2 and Farcry and it would happen with the sound also..but only once in a while unlike oblivion.

One thing I have tried with my memory is only using one 1024 meg and it helped a litte bit because the pauses were a shorter in length but that was about it.

Please help my system specs are

Intel 3.4ghz
MSI 925XE Neo Platnium
XFX Geforce 7800 GT
2 X 74 Gg WD Raptor hard drive Raid 0
2 gig ram 4-4-4-10
Sound Blaster Extreme Music
500 watt powersupply
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  1. Hopefully you fixed this by now. If not, try re-installing directx 9.0c. Since the same problem is happening with two different sound sources thats the only thing I can think of. Hope that helps!
  2. :cry:

    Thanks for the help...but I tried that but i still have the same problem...I guess I am going to reinstall windows...even though its only about 1 month old. If that does not work I am guessing there something wrong with the motherboard or the ram.

    I have decided to buy the new Intel 975X motherboard and some OCZ low latency ram. This is a very expensive upgrade to just fix a game...but I have been playing elderscrolls since I was a child starting with daggerfall and I am a serious fan of the owesome games. Hopefully this well help my problem.. I have to wait about a week since I am living here in Kuwait to get the parts..oh well

    Thanks again but if anyone else has some advice please let me know
  3. Good news, I just got the Intel 975X BX motherboard and the ocz dd2 4200 at 3-3-3-8 timings in the mail today so I will install it tonight and this should clear up all my problems I am thinking.

    First thing I am going to do is install the new ram in my old system and then try to run oblivion again to see if it was the ram. If that does not work i will just put the new motherboard in

    I will let you guys know what happens in the end;
  4. Sounds like your sound card has an IRQ conflict. Have you checked to see if it's sharing an IRQ with some other device?
  5. Yes I did actually and there are no IRQ conflicts..even though it does sounds like one. I am reinstalling windows at the moment on my desktop system before putting my new hardware in because I just want to see if reinstalling windows will help..and of course i will put all the lastest drivers on but no additional software except using my laptop to write this if you are curious.

  6. Sorry to revive such an old post, but I had this exact issue. I've managed to solve the bugger just yesterday by uninstalling (add/remove programs in CP) the MS HD audio patch KB888111.


    I'm pretty sure it got installed with the driver for the integrated sound card I have. Very annoying problem to have. I played for a couple days without the backgroud music, but just wasn't the same. Anyways, just wanted to spread the word and maybe help others with this problem :wink:
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