Another Oblivion Problem....

Hi to all...
I've a notebook Hp Pavilion zv
I play games like Lineage with an high res and details,
but Oblivion runs unplayable slowly also with the incredible resolution of 640x480!!!

Can i do something?
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  1. Oblivian takes some muscle to run, I'm too lazy to look up the specs on your Laptop, but I'd be surprised if it was powerful enough.
  2. Laptops blow! Show me one that can even come close to messing with my machine! hahahahhahahahaha. I would love to see it!
  3. Oblivion rules and it doesnt have a problems it is just your computer.
  4. Ignore the scrubs. Try updating your bios, updating your video driver, updating everything on your computer you can find to update. Then in Oblivion, play with the settings sliders. Even two super powerful ATI X1900XT in Crossfire can't play Oblivion at max settings, nor can even 4 NVidia GeForce 7900 GTX in Quad SLI Try setting the sliders to minimum and increasing your resolution to the natural resolution for your laptop. Then slide 1 slider at a time to figure out which increases the image quality the most while lowering performance the least.

    Good luck.
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