Windows keeps shuting off aero

For some reason when i just do nothing windows will tell me that i should turn off aero but when i resize my windows media player it shuts it off for me and i want it to stop!

Help ?
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  1. Without more info, we won't really be able to help. What version of Windows 7 (i'm assuming 7 since you posted in the 7 section on the forum)? By this i mean, Beta, RC, or RTM? What video card are you using? Are the drivers you're using for it WHQL certified, and completely up to date?
  2. Ohh right sorry about the lack of info!

    its windows 7 RC
    i have 6GB RAM
    Core i7 3.33
    Nvidia gtx 280 and its totally up to date all of them windows GPU everytihng
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    reinstall video card drivers!
  4. Hmm... i played with the Windows 7 RC version for awhile on my main system with a GTX 295 and didn't have any problems like you are describing. Perhaps you should consider what area51 said and reinstall the video driver just in case? Latest Nvidia driver for Windows 7 should be version 190.62. Make sure that's the one you downloaded and also make sure you remove the existing driver first.
  5. just a note! uninstall the old driver this time in case it is corrupted!

    hope all works out!
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