Wikipedia hacked?

I was strolling through Wikipedia pages and came across this page :

Now first line is posted as :
A quake is the result when the surface of a planet, moon or star begins to shake. INSPECTOR GADGET IS FAIL TROLL - Cloud Index - From HF. - So are you /A/ (Ace) from HF - nope, Fetus Flipper is a god. - He may be a God but not zeus...
Types of quakes include:...

Now that is completely irrelevant to the Starquake subject. I Googled about Fetus Flipper and found this person belongs to a website called hackforum dot net and I think 'HF' letters may be pointing at that hackforum ?

Can you get some meaning out of that sentence? lemme know.

PS. I wanted to post this in an Internet category but as there exist none, posting here.
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  1. Not hacked. Remember, from the early days, anyone could edit any article. And I guess that the wiki moderators have not caught up yet.
  2. If we try to edit it, the line doesn't appear in editor. Another thing, it doesn't appear if we load page without '#Starquake' from URL.
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