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hi i want to ask can i install mac os x on my system. I have
AMD 1100T Black edition processor
880GM USB 3 gigabyte Board
DDR3 8GB gskil 1600MHZ RAM
600W cooler Master power supply unit
is it possible to install mac and run all application which mac support coz i m in production house and i want to run FCP(Final Cut Pro) application. Is support all my ram and i have on graphic card. one more thing is it fine to install mac on AMD coz i dont want to damage my motherboard, processor or RAM. i m waiting for ur help so pls tell me as soon as possible. Thnak U . :hello: :hello: :hello:
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  1. What you are asking to do is a hackintosh. Google it. You can do it on an AMD system in a virtual machine, but not natively due to lack of drivers I believe. Anyway google it to see how. If you want to install it natively you need an Intel system, or you could always buy a used Mac of eBay.
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    I really hope this helps you. It was the best I could do. I am very sorry not much better could be found.
  3. Magamanx00 is correct in my opinion. Go with a vm solution. It's much easier to setup and you don't have to worry about finding custom drivers. I run it and have had no problems to date.
  4. some advise to buy a motherboard (Intel) if I really want to install OS X Lion
  5. While I like OS X a lot, and I have multiple Macs...I don't see the draw to do this...outside of simply meeting the challenge. Windows 7 is fine and is pretty much parallel to OS X besides a little US flashy stuff. Is it just that folks want to do what Apple says they cannot or is there really some other strong reason to run OS X on non Apple hardware? If Windows 7 wasn't around I'd understand but with Windows 7 being as strong as it is...I just don't see the need.
  6. If you wanted to make the expense then you may as well go with an P67 board and an i5 or i7. I assume you have a dedicated video card though and are going to re use the components listed above.
  7. I run Mac OSX Snow Leopard and any Mac software on both of my Core2 775 systems with no problem. On my AMD Athlon IIx4 640 system I have a problem in that I can load the OS but can boot into either the 32 bit or 64 bit kernel and can't load 32 bit applications on the 64 bit version and vice versa. There are developers doing very interesting work on this and sharing their findings on Insanely Mac, Infinite Mac and a few other sites. Unfortunately none of the fixes they've come up with to date have solved my AMD difficulties and so I've given up on Snow Leopard on my AMD system for now. Without patience and diligence, you'll have problems but with an Intel system you'll eventually have success. I've chosen to teach myself how to use software for artwork, video encoding, audio, etc. over gaming (which becomes addictive) and since a Mac environment facilitates a lot of this I don't want to be left behind. On the other hand, I refuse to pay Apple's inflated hardware premium and wind up "dead ended" by their limited upgrade possibilities. I do video transfers for people and capture analogue files as mpg2's with Windows and sometimes do the transcode on Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro and for this reason, I'm very pleased with my two Hackintoshes. Getting them up and running stable and getting my feet wet in the Mac style creative process has been one of my major accomplishments of 2011. By the way, I would advise you not to give up but to consider an Intel build for your next rig if you want a stable Hackintosh.
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