Computer shut down after startup screen.

Hello forum,

This problem started about 4 days ago, but has been a long term, but short effect problem for about a year now.

For a very long time my computer would occasionally shut off, randomly, but not due to overheating or something of that nature. Eventually it would stop, and not shut down for a few months. then months later it would start up again, and eventually fade away.

But this time it as become much more severe, my CPU cannot get past the Windows 7 startupscreen, and if it does get lucky sometimes it can almost ask for my password of my login screen, before shutting down.

sometimes rarely, about once per 70-80 trys, I realzie it's not good to attempt to turn it on that much but I do anyway because i'm bored and don't know what to do. it will let me on my desktop, I can mess around for about a minute, then it will shut back down again.

I have tried making sure every was secure in the computer, I have tried running windows repair, I have even wiped out my harddrive, and reinstalled a whole new copy of windows, it ran therough the whole process fine but after it was done installing, once again after I load windows it will automatically shut down. sometimes it will go to the "progressing windows settings" screen, and occasioanlly start giving me the option to pick my computer name and password etc. but then it will shut back down.

I cannot decide if it's my power supply or my harddrive going out, the harddrive is relitively new which I had due to a problyen I had eailier but unrelated to this. the power supply came in a deal package with the case that I bought 4 years ago, lol.

Anyway, that's what's going on, and here are my computers speficaions;

1. Geforce 6100SM-M motherboard
2. AMD Athlon 62 x2 3600+ AM2
3. EGVA GeForce 9800 GTX+
4. 450W powersupply
5. Seagate 750gb harddrive

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
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  1. check the PSU first
  2. Yeah i've already replaced the PSU, no avail. Doesn't really matter anymore I guess, i've just built a new system, once I find out what was wrong i'll replace the part and sell the old computer.

    I saw another similar problem and it happened to be a blown capacitor on the motherboard. Thoughts?
  3. if it's a cap problem it'll be hard to track till it goes completely, switching the M/B would be a lot quicker
  4. Have the same trouble here
    Over three years no problem, suddenly the pc shuts down 10-30 seconds after booting.
    changed RAM, plugged off harddisk and dvd, booting from usb stick, always the same.
    Sometimes booting works and than it works fine over hours.
    Systems are windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10.

    Will try to change PSU, but if it is not successfull only motherboard can be changed?

    tnx Joe
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