Possibly need a bigger Power Supply?

Ok here goes:
gigabyte dx+
AMD athlon XP 2100
512 266 ddr ram
Visiontek Geforce 3
SB live! value
Netgear fa310 TX
DVD rom
fireball LM 30 gig hd
300 watt power supply
Windows XP
The sytem randomly crashes or reboots while playing games when the bus speed is set at 133
if i set it to 100, the system works fine, but detects the cpu as an amd 1500+, and runs it at 1.3 instead of 1.7
i ran memtest86 overnight with the bus at 133, no crashes/no errors
tried 2 different HD, still crashed
i think setting the bus speed at 133 and having the processor run at full speed takes to much juice for the 300 watt to handle
does the power supply not provide enough juice? or can you think of any possible things i may have missed?
im gonna get a 400 watt power supply tomorrow if that seems like the problem
any suggestions will be appeciated
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  1. Basically a 300W powersupply isn't going to cut it today. You should have better luck with a 400W powersupply, BUT...

    ...it could be bad memory or overheating. I'd cross memory off the list since you tested that, but what about heat? Check your temps if you still have problems.

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  2. im gonna sound like an idiot but:
    whats the accecptible range in temp for my cpu?
    what would be 2 hot?
  3. isnt 55C to 60C pushing it? my 1.2 tb stays at around 50C and even that is higher than i like.
  4. ok my gigabyte hardware heath utility is reporting cpu temp at 68c right now and im just running windows
    may have found my problem
    maybe i put 2 much compound/not enough
  5. Congrats. You've found your problem. Take the cover off your case and blow a fan on the computer. Watch the temps drop and your stability increase. Then work to get good airflow. Tuck all your cables away, rubberband them together first. Then make sure you have a fan in the front/bottom, sucking air in, and a fan in the back/top, blowing air out. That's a good start. You also will want to make sure that your HSF (CPU fan and heatsink) is good.

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  6. Woohoo! Glad I could help! ;)
    Even if you just have one case fan (you do have at least on right?), 68C is way too high. I think you may want to check that HSF. Make sure it is on there right. It may be worth checking the thermal paste. Make sure you put a very small amount, just enough to even the contact. And try to use Artic Silver II. I noticed around 5C diffrence when I switched from the generic kind. If all that looks good and its still hot you prolly just need a better HSF. And two case fans will help tremendously (intake and exaust). Good luck!
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