A7v333 running at too high VCore

I am building an Athlon system with the following gear:

Antec SX840 case with 400W PS
Asus A7333-R MBD
XP 2100 processor

Bunch of other [-peep-] that isn't relevant to this problem as far as I know.

When the machine posts it returns a Hardware Monitor error and prompts me to view it in the Power setup menu which shows the VCORE voltage at approx. 2.10. The CPU temp starts out at around 52C and then climbs to as high as 75C (before I shut it off). The CPU VCORE setting is set to Auto in the BIOS by default and I did not adjust it. By default the Auto setting is 1.750V. Even if I set it to 1.750V manually it still shows up at 2.10V in Hardware Monitor as the CPU temp climbs.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Hey J,

    Wow! You have a bigger heat problem than me! Have you tried resetting the Bios & loading the "Safe Settings"? What is your FSB set at? Are you Over-Clocking or is this right out of the box? What kind of HSF & Thermal Grease are you using? What are your other bios setting like? How long has your system been this way? Did you change anything before this happened?

    Peace Out..............tile

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  2. Tile, I figured it out. There is an undocumented jumper on the board that is enabled by default. It is appropriately named "over-voltage" and it locks the VCORE voltage at 2.10 or so no matter what else you do with the other jumpers. I guess it's for overclocking but it's really stupid for Asus to ship it out that way - especially with no doc. I disabled the jumper and now the VCORE is at 1.75 and CPU temp levels off in the mid to high 50C range.

  3. hey...i have the same mobo...just wondering...is there a jumper setting for the over voltage that enables you to utilize the 2.10 but also adjust it in the bios?
  4. Dunno, but nothing I did with VCORE settings in the BIOS or manually with jumpers with jumper free mode disabled made any difference - the board was locked in at 2.10 and my processor was running too hot.
  5. I found out that if I set <b><font color=red>VCore jumpers</b></font color=red> at 1.75V, then I could adjust it in BIOS at any voltage I want up to 1.85V. BTW, There is a jumper to set over VCore voltage (I don't use it any more so I don't know its name, but it's at lower right of the mobo, close to the Southbirdge chip. Consult your manual) that can make its voltage higher. Check to see if it's at default (limited).

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