Gonna start building my new comp soon

I have the Chaintech 7SID mobo, (I know it sucks, I wanna get the K7S6A), Athlon XP 1700+, Samsung 256 DDR-RAM (Still waiting to come in), Vantec 7000RPM Cpu Fan, Creative Labs 32MB Ultra TnT2, 400Watts Power Supply and other stuff. How does that sound? Any suggestions?
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  1. Hey V,

    What are you going to use this system for? & are you going to over-clock it? What flavor is the Samsung DDR, is it the PC2100? If you are not going to OC you might consider the Vantec CCK 6027D(slower fan=quieter system) or the TI Dr. Thermal V77L(even quieter with better cooling performance). As for the Video card.......why? Why not get a ATi Radeon DDR 32mb for $42 or GeForce4 MX mobo if you can spend a little more? Or a GeForce4 4200 seems to be the best bang for the gaming buck right now. What brand is your PS? It is better to go with a good dual fan quality 350 watt PS like Enermax than a generic 400 watt PS.

    If you have everything already, just build it and be happy. It doesn't look like a bad system. It should be a solid system that you can upgrade later if you need more speed. Good Luck

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  2. I'm probably going to mainly use it for Gaming and making vcds. Hopefully it'll give me some good fps for my vcds. The Samsung DDR is the PC2100 266MHZ, I do plan to overclock it to atleast 1800+, maybe more if it'll handle it and run stable for a long time. Yeah, I think about getting a better video card, when I have the money. The brand of my ps is Linkworld 400W ATX.
  3. "BUMP"
  4. Quote:

    How does that sound?

    Very loud. :tongue:

    :wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
  5. Hey V,

    If you plan to "OC", get a good HSF & Artic Silver II or III thermal grease(read the website for use). Your DDR is good, but I have never heard of or used a "Linkworld" PS. Watch your voltages. I don't know what "vcds" are. If "fps" is Frames Per Second, this more controlled by your Video card, although a fast cpu & ram helps. All & all, I think you will be happy with your system, build it, find it's weaknesses & tweak it until you're happy.

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    Just waiting for the next "Big" thing like everyone else?
  6. Thanks for the tips guys. I wanna overclock but I'm nervous to do it. I don't wanna end up screwing it up and end up wasting more money for another chip. Anyway, where do you get that Artic Silver 2 or 3 Thermal Paste? Sears hardware? VCDS are video cds. Its kinda like DVD except its in a regular cd.
  7. Hey V,

    Are you in the USA? If so just go online to www.newegg.com, this is the best online site. If you are not, I don't know where you would go to, to get Artic Silver.

    About OC'ing, don't do right off the bat, enjoy your new computer for awhile............then read up on how other people are OC'ing the same mobo/cpu combo that you have & go from there.

    Peace Out..........tile

    Just waiting for the next "Big" thing like everyone else?
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