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When the faction event preview began I can't play Guild Wars anymore. My P.C. keeps restarting and the blue error says 'bad pool header' ever since the faction event began I can no longer play until now I have no overheating issues and I have not overclock any parts of my P.C. I have latest drivers beta 84.25 from Nvidia and latest direct x and service pack 2 and microsoft updates. I have no virus or spyware or any malicious software. Pls help me, I have contacted tech support but they don't seem to have any help or solution for this. My last option is to reformat my P.C. and reinstall windows, but before I do that I will ask you guys if you have encountered this problema and know a solution. I am desperate so pls help man!

P.S. My other online and offline games do not have any problems like Half Life 2, F.E.A.R., Battle for Middle Earth 2, Star Wars Empire at war, etc.

P.P.S I forgot to tell you guys that I have reinstall Guild Wars and still does not work and have deleted game.dat file and still no fix

P4. 2.6c Hyperthreading
MSI 865p neo motherboard
1 gig of ram
Nvidia Geforce 7800GS
On board sound card.
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  1. 1 word - Intel
  2. and buy WoW. it's so much better.
  3. In my opinion WOW may be better than Guild Wars, but for only very select and specific reasons.

    1. Larger more friendly player base.
    2. Constant updates and new content due to the monthly fee.
    3. It is developed by Blizzard. <3

    However OP CharlieN133 may want to play Guild Wars as he does not, or cannot pay the hefty monthly fee of WOW. This is supported by the fact that he has an Intel P4 processor, but that is neither here or there.
  4. thats a nifty questions...and WoW rules
  5. Sandmannight learn to use plurals correctly.
  6. Quote:
    Sandmannight learn to use plurals correctly.

    sorry...dangs yours self
  7. By now I suppose you've reformatted, but if you haven't, did you try installing to a different folder? Long shot, but it may help.
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