GTA San Andreas players-I NEED YOUR HELP

Ok, this has nothing to do with my computer hardware. So, Idownload a saved games file off the internet with the description of the entire game being completed for it. Then, when I start loading itand finish loading the saved game on San Andreas, the file just takes me to start a new game (Black Screen saying Francis intl. Arport, 1992, etc.) The introruns, and it jut takes me to the first mission (to go to your home). Anyone who can help, please help, I am using the DVD Rom version of the game. If anyone can give me their saved games file with the entire game completed, and they are also using a DVD Rom please help as well.

-reply ASAP :)
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  1. How about actually playing the game from the start. A novel idea perhaps?
  2. I can see the OP's point. Once you've completed the storyline, searching around for that one tag you missed could get pretty annoying after a few weeks.
  3. Never!!! That's the best bit about those kinda games. Rember Marioworld on the n64? Oh so many man hours wasted looking for those poxy stars and my only reward was to meet a 3d yoshi......

    Same goes for Banjo Kazooie and the musical notes.

    Actually, I'd love to go back and play Banjo and Kazooie. Twas a brill game.
  4. I only said it could get annoying...

    I guess some people just have less patience than others!

    You're talking to a man who likes the X series of games;

    "Oooh, I've flown around for hours and blown up some ships and built some stations. I now have the cash to, er.... build some more stations and buy ships to blow up more ships. Cool!"

    I even give all my ships names :oops:
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