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Hello All, Just signed up here, have a quick questions for those in the know. I'm in need of a new system, from what I've read the new DDR333 motherboards sound like the way of the future and I'm looking for something that I can upgrade to a small degree as I go. The reviews lead me to believe that the DDR333 memory chips out there now don't show of enough of an improvenent over DDR266 chips and that the next generation of DDR333's might be worth the investment. Does it make sense to buy a DDR333 motherboard like Gigabyte 7VRXP or MSI K3 ULTRA-ARU and install DDR266 memory until next/better generation of DDR333 comes along and will those chips be compatable with either of these boards. - Thanks to all responders - Szandor
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  1. There is no next generation DDR333. DDR333 is DDR333.

    :wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
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