sims2 uninstalling PLZ HELP!!

hey, if i uninstall the sims2 University will that make the sims2 run faster? Will it delete The Sims2 and the other expansions too??
How do i uninstall the whole game easily?
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  1. uninstalling uni will only make a difference depending on your current PC specs. What other EP's do you have? For instance, Maxis increased the specs when they made NL so instead of the minimum 800Mhz processor, the min is now 1000GHz, so basically you'll need a 2.0Ghz processor to be at mid level range.

    To uninstall uni though, go to START, PROGRAMS, EAGAMES, SIMS 2 UNIVERSITY, uninstall, or you can go to CONTROL PANEL, add/remove programs, click the button to remove (uninstall) uni. :)
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