I got the best pokemon ever in emerald. READ THIS NOW!!!

1) Level 100 Rayquaza!!!! moves: icebeam (for other dragon types)
flamethrower 8)
2) Level 100 Kyogre moves: water spout
ice beam
sheer cold( one hit KO) :D
hydro pump
3) Level 100 Groudon moves: fissure :P
fire blast

I have many more strong pokemon including latios, registeel, regice, regirock, gyarados, swampert, sceptile, blaziken, mewtwo, dragonite, etc.
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  1. Ive gotten much better ive completed both hoenn and national dex and ive trained more than half them to lvl 100
  2. Not bad but ive obtained better ive completed the hoenn and national dex and ive trained most of them to lv 100
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