Windows 7 BSOD when PCH SATA Control Mode set to RAID(XHD)


I'm trying to add 3 additional HDs to my system for storage, using RAID 5 configuration. However, when I set the PCH SATA Control Mode option to RAID(XHD) (in order to enable the motherboard RAID controller) in my BIOS, I get BSOD for a milisecond during the windows 7 loading and then the PC is restarted automatically.

My system spec:
Intel CPU i7 2.66MHz, 8GB RAM DDR3 1333MHz
GigaByte's Motherboard - GA-P55A-UD3
1 x WD3000HLFS-60G6U2 ATA Device (1x300GB)
3 x ST3500418AS ATA Device (3x500GB)
Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit

Drives connection configurations:
SATA2_0: ST3500418AS
SATA2_1: ST3500418AS
SATA2_2: ST3500418AS
SATA2_3: N.C.
SATA2_5: WD3000HLFS (System HD)
GSATA3_6: N.C.
GSATA3_7: N.C.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue?

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  1. anybody????
  2. so you already have a hard drive in there with windows 7 that was installed in IDE mode?
  3. What you need to do is install the RAID driver first, before enabling the RAID mode. Switch the SATA mode back to what was working before (IDE?), then locate the driver (most probably on the CD that came with your motherboard or download it from the MB manufacturer's web site). After installing the RAID driver, switch to the RAID mode and it should work.
  4. Thanks, guys..
    I've tried to remove the drivers while I'm running in IDE mode and re-install them back on RAID mode, but nothing worked - I still got BSOD. Also I tried to run system repair with the installation disk and still I got nothing...
    Fortunately, I could give up my OS and I re-installed the windows in RAID mode.
    That worked and saved me a lot of time :)

    Anyway, thanks lot for helping.

  5. Hi,
    you do not uninstall the current drivers nor disable them just install add'l RAID/AHCI driver. When you reboot the system in new mode windows will find the driver installed and activate them. That way you do not end up with a BSOD which is the case if windows can not find the driver (since it was never installed).

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