Gigabyte KT333 or ASUS KT333

I am looking at getting a new board based on the KT333 chipset for a new Athlon XP 1900+ or 2000+. My options are only the Gigabyte or the ASUS. No other board for me. Please suggest me the best among these two. I have noticed that even though ASUS is supposed to be the most reputed board, this particular odel (A7V333) seems to be having some problems as reported by a lot of users. What are your suggestions....should I go for the Gigabyte or ASUS.

I dont plan to OverClock at all. All I need is a stable system and I'll be happy.

Thanx in advance
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  1. If the Gigabyte board you're referring to is the Ga-7vrxp, then go with that. It's a good stable board and should serve you well.
  2. Yes the Gigabyte board is actually GA-7VRXP.

    Sorry for not mentioning the model earlier.

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