k7s5a problems

I recently installed a new motherboard, cpu, fan,
and graphics card.

I am experiencing the following 2 errors/problems with my system listed below.
I have tried the online manufacturers help forums, and have
have tried to contact the manufacturers technical support lines w/ no luck.

any and all help in resloving the these issues is appreciated.


1. external reset button on the pc case does not function.

the internal wiring from the reset switch is connected
to the reset button.
the reset switch is connected to the
5,7 pins of the fp1 header of the k7s5a motherboard
as required.

the reset switch wires are red and white.
I have tried the red on #5 pin w/ white on #7 pin.
I have also tried reversing the two.

neither one will activate the external reset button.

2. system will not restart/reboot when I select
the "shutdown, and restart the computer" option
in windows 95.

also, it will not restart when I am prompted to
restart the system after installing/updating software,
drivers, etc, or adding hardware.

In both cases the system does a complete shutdown

***the only way I can get the system to restart itself
is to press Cntrl-Alt-Del twice.

system components:




(uses sis 735 chipset which supports 4xAGP)

graphics card

cpu fan
Speeze BigRock II 5T060B1H3T Ball bearing Support up to Intel P3 Tualatin ~2.2GHz AMD Athlon XP~1700+ **AMD Recommended** CPU FAN

Samsung syncmaster 955SL(T)

Operating System

192 mb ram
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  1. Hey M,

    This may not help you at all, but have you considered moving up to Windows 98, SE or ME? If not, why not? I don't believe many manufactuers are making good win 95 drivers.

    Peace Out.........tile

    Just waiting for the next "Big" thing like everyone else?
  2. Today is May 6, 2002 so I can't help you very much with Win95, you can try the Win95 section though.

    I would seriously suggest upgrading to WinXP. You're cheating yourself by using Win95.

    Find out if there is a power management section in Win95. You'll want to try finding a solution there.

    <font color=red>God</font color=red> <font color=blue>Bless</font color=blue> <font color=red>America!</font color=red>
  3. Hey M,

    By the way, great post! I wish everyone's posts were so informative! Again, sorry I cannot help you, Good Luck

    Peace Out............tile

    Just waiting for the next "Big" thing like everyone else?
  4. For the reset button..... sorry but don’t have a clue….

    For the restart/reboot problem…. I have <b>THE SAME</b> problem in a friend’s system (K7S5A and Tbird 1133) using Win Me and I’m still evaluating about asking for warranty…….

    Don’t get offended but would you mind to explain why in hell are you using Win 95?
  5. win95 is stable....it is a bit old, but it is stable.
    but, i do think that upgrading the os, at LEAST to win98se would serve you MUCH better.
    the optimal solution would be to go for XP, but you an probably get your hands on a copy of WIN98se VERY EASILY.
    reset problem...MAYBE the switch itself is bad? you can get a new one at RADIOSHACK, or some other local electronics store.
    just take the one in there out, and bring it with you, and they will give you the right one...assuming you get someone who knows what they are doing. (it is a MOMENTARY switch, single position, i think single terminal? not sure about that part...but on ATX systems, power and reset are MOMENTARY switches.)
    test the switch...like with a voltmeter or something...
    as for the shutdown problem, did you tell the bios that you DONT have an ACPI OS installed? that MIGHT be it. and disable the power management...just to eliminate all possible problems.
    you could even try disabling all the onboard components, LAN, SOUND, and the com ports, and the printer ports and so on.
    just trying to eliminate everything.
    oh, and thanks for all the info...that REALLY helps..and i wish more people would ask questions like that..lol...


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  6. Quote:
    MAYBE the switch itself is bad? you can get a new one at RADIOSHACK, or some other local electronics store.

    You can test this by jumping the pins on the MB with a screwdriver.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  7. true..didnt think of that... :smile:


    wouldnt want to see a motherboard go due to accidental screwdriver slips...


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  8. You're right. You're absolutely right.

    - Ralph Kramden

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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