Backups of XBox360 games, is it possible?

How do you make a backup copy of a XBox360 game?
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  1. Have you tried contacting Microsoft about this specific problem? LOL

  2. No longer required...found out yesterday how to backup, attach other and bigger drives and play games or see movies from other regions.
    Have a nice day.
  3. ya right theres no way thats possible.
  4. Quote:
    How do you make a backup copy of a XBox360 game?

    simple, if u dont wreck yourr discs u wont need a backup-duh
  5. For modding information visit XBOX-SCENE because the have all the newest xbox modding news. However "backing up" 360 games and being able to play them requires you to rip open ur 360 voiding the warranty. On top of it the process isnt as justifiable as the xbox 1 modding because the only purpose is to play "backup" games.

    Basically if you dont know what ur doing dont think about trying it, ull just end up with a giant mistake
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