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"FastTrak66" not working with Win2000

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January 31, 2001 2:48:29 PM

Hello All!

I am having problem with a Promise Ultra66 that I converted to a FastTrak66 using Tom's article and others with Windows 2000. The "FastTrak66" works just fine on my Windows 98 Second Edition installation for quite sometime.

When Win2000 boots, it decides to look at the two hard drives attached to the FastTrak66 by bringing up a DOS box window and wants to do some sort of "check disk" operation. It gives the user 10 seconds to abort the check. If the check happens, Win2000 locks and must be rebooted. If abort, then everything is O.K. This same process happens for the other drive attached to the FastTrak.

Is there some way to tell Win2000 not to check the hard drives on boot up?

I have tried two different configurations with Win2000 and FastTrak66.

1. - Add FastTrak drivers to a current Win2000 installation. This worked but had the boot-up problems as I described before.
2. - Install Win2000 from scratch and added the FastTrak driver with F6 during the start of it. When Win2000 booted for the first time, it could not see other two drives attached to the FastTrak66. When I looked at the devices under control panel, there was only a Ultra66 device listed with the yellow "!" It should have been FastTrak66 -- Not Ultra66. So, I did an update driver for the Ultra66 entry and had to force Windows to take the FastTrak66 drivers. After reboot, the system would see the two drives on the FastTrak66 but then the "boot-up" problem described earlier was now present.

My hardware: Pentium III 600Mz, 384Mb SDRAM 100Mhz CL2, Two 13Gb Western Digital HDs, 40Gb Maxor Diamond MAX HD, 60Gb Maxor Diamond MAX HD, DVD-CD-ROM, CD--RW Drive, and the other usual stuff.

The bottom line for me then if I want to use FastTrak66 and Win2000, I will have to watch each boot up so I can hit the abort when Win200 does to check the two drives. Which is possible, but not desirable?

So, has anyone experienced the same problem or something similar? Does anyone have any reasonable ideas as what I might do/try?

Thank you for your time and efforts!!!

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March 17, 2001 9:53:49 PM

Im not sure why it wants to check the drives under the controller card. One option that you could try is changing the options under check disk in win2k. I used a promise Ultra 66 under win2k from scratch with a maxtor with out a problem.

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