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I find myself in need of a new mobo (long story), anyways I have a full system image backup as well as file backup from the old mobo. M3A32-MVP Deluxe. Which was a 790FX NB and had the SB600. The new mobo is the croshair IV formula and has the 890FX NB with SB850. What I want to know is if I can recover the system image to the new mobo assuming I have the correct RAID drivers loaded for the new array? I know I can use acronis 10 with universal restore, but that is more money. If i get to the point where its at least "attempted" to recover by transfering all the data to the new array. I'm confident that I will have no issues being able to sort out the driver issues in order to get the computer to boot. Even if it means repair install.

I'm completelly open to sugestions on how to transfer my data. So far from what I've heard this would be the most reliable when compared to easy transfer. Thank you for any help or info that can be provided.
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  1. not unless you are buying the exact same MoBo, even then there can be issues, realisically, if there is data that is really important, use another drive to install the OS on, and then put this drive in the computer and you can acess all the data
  2. I would do a backup onto an external drive, I personally have had success in moving RAID arrays (moved from i925x -> i955x -> P35) without any problems, howevere since this is an AMD based system my experience here is probably useless. It is always best to reinstall Windows when you do a Motherboard swap to fix any driver issues from ony board to the next.
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