fps limit in OpenGL?

does anyone else have a problem with a fps cap using openGL in games. I am using an X300 and all the games I run that use OpenGL (ie. Return to Castle Wolfenstein, quake 3, quake 4, doom 3) max out at 91 fps, just wondering if this is normal.
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  1. Yes it is, it is called the V-Sync. It limits the frame rates but it's due to rendering the frame without any glitch or tear. What it means that in order for the graphics to produce a good visual during 3D applications the V-Sync does it well obiously by syncronizing the vertical and horizontal signal in which limits the framerates. However you can turn it off if you can and have some improvements and increases counts of frame rates. But sometimes the frame can be out of sync and produces artifacts and tearing and glitching. So it is normal and it is best to leave it as it is and besides you're not gonna need over 100fps as an average eye cannot detect the difference over of over 60fps.

    Like for example I have my system with 2x7800GTX 256 running BF2 at 1280x1024, 4x AA and High Quality setting. With the V-sync on it gives no more than 100fps and just average on 98-99fps on single player mode. But when I turned off the V-Sync I get a artifacts every now and then on the visuals.

    You having X300 that pushes 91fps that is pretty impressive but I wonder what quality settings do you use. OpenGL games basically means you can control the graphics cards settings through the games software.
  2. thanks for the quick reply chuck, sorry that i didn't include this in the original post but I don't have v-sync turned on. I find that it normally does increase fps without any noticable artifacts.

    The X300 is oc'ed which helps on the fps, but i only get 91 on max on return to castle wolfenstein and quake 3, the others will on low quality.
    The question still remains b/c i am sure that v-sync is off and i have never gotten over 91 on any openGL game, if i run unreal 2003 (a directX game) i can get well over 100 fps on low quality so i know it can do it. thx for any info
  3. Make sure you have V-sync turned off for Open-Gl. It is a different option than V-sync for Direct-X.
    The Nvidia controll pannel only shows V-sync for Direct-X not Open-GL.
    Try Rivatuner for Open-GL options.
  4. it is normal for those games.
    For q3 based games you cant try:
    com_maxfps 999(in console)
    the default is 85 (makes it 91ish...dont ask it just does)

    as for Q4 based...not sure...check out the net....it may even be the same. it has never bothered me at 91 since with v-sync on i get 75 anyway
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