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I am using Windows XP and AOL 8 narrowband. I have been trying to install AOL 8 Broadband but when the AOL installation disc reaches 'installing drivers' an error report comes up 'there is a problem installing drivers for your modem. The operating system could not install the drivers properly'.

AOL state the fault must be with my machine but the best advice I can get from PCW is to take the machine back to its original state and hope that everything will reinstall. I am very reluctant to do this as everything else appears to be working OK with Windows.

Grateful for any advice or suggestions.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.newusers (More info?)

    The best thing to do in the case of any Network Connection is to first download the drivers from the manufacturers site for your modem\XP combination then completely uninstall any reference of the modem and delete the connection in your control panel\network connections. Once this has been done then see if the modem driver has an installer included in it. This is usually a case of double clicking the download and following the on screen prompts. If this fails to work then reboot and let windows detect the modem and install it. Then you can go into the device manger and double click your modem listed there and then click upadate the driver and point to the location where you downloaded it. Once you have done this then recreate you network connection in the control panel\network connections. Usually what happens is the Network Connection is keeping the old modem configuration and not using the new so there appears to be a conflict. Let us know how you make out. {:~)
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