First time playing WoW

Well the time has come for me to try WoW I believe. After years in eq I just do not have the time to invest anymore and constantly felt left behind when I took breaks.

My question to everyone here is if it is possible to enjoy WoW on a less intense basis than eq required, ie a few nights per week for a few hours?

Also can anyone give any recommendations for a good starting class/race. In eq I played a wizard or a berserker, I was always interested in being a damage dealer and not a healer or buffer. Also I am not a pet class fan if possible. I have looked around and warlocks or rogues may seem interesting but wanted opinions from people who play already.

Can damage dealers get groups easily and are there any which are in demand or is class balance better than eq.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give :)
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  1. Go for berserker. In the magical classes you need quite some time until you can deal a fair amount of damage... And it is very time intensive. Make sure you pick a PvE server if you don't want to invest all of your time...
  2. Berserker sounds cool, are they in demand for groups and maybe raids if I end up going all the way with WoW?
    Also how do you start to build a character towards a berserker, start with warrior or are they a type of rogue?
    Finally what kinda race would be best suited?
    Thanks again for all your help
  3. lmao hes talking about EQ must have messed up.

    Im a 60 Warlock on thunderlord.
    I also have played almost every class to atleast 30's
    except priests....

    anyway a great DPS and pet class is the lock right now they are one of the best, most of your spells are DoT ( damage over time ) spells which allows you to nail several mobs at once... the pets are really unique and helpfull in most situations if you know how to use them
    I would recomend a pvp server because I found that once you hit mid 20's you really got into the game and wanted to do even more... if your on a pvp server you can actually kill those pesky alliance that come in to bother you instead of just watching them walk into YOUR land... lol anyway I found pvp servers to be more fun in general. if you want DPS and a pet go with either a lock or a hunter... oh yea hunter is the other pet class you can tame a random beast mob and he acts as your buddy in dealing damage and managing aggro pair that with great range dps and your good to go.
  4. Its fun. Warrior is a good starter class. Rogue is very fun
  5. If you don't like pets, stay away from warlocks and hunters - they are both squishy without their pets to protect them. A couple of suggestions - if you want to replicate the berserker, start as a warrior; they get Berserk stance and abilities in the late 20s or at lvl 30, as I recall. Rogues are nice from a DPS standpoint, but do require being sneaky to be truly effective, and you may not want that. I am also a fan of the Horde-only Shaman class, which is a combo caster/warrior. They are not as capable of taking damage as a warrior (restricted to leather armor until lvl 40, where they get mail, and cannot use plate armor ever), nor do they deal as much damage as a mage can (but they are much easier to keep alive), but shammys combine some of the best of both classes with some good heals to make a very versatile character. Many people complain that shammys are overpowered, which indicates that when well played they are pretty formidable. Shammys also get a travel form (ghost wolf) pretty early in the game, which makes the inevitable running around MUCH more palatable until you can buy your mount at lvl 40. Good luck to you - enjoy WoW!
  6. If you like to deal damage you might want to get the hang of the game with either a Mage, Rogue, or Warrior...then once in get the hang of the game you might want to try others. I myself have a 60 mage and a 60 rogue on frostwolf.

    Fun is all i can say =)
  7. Don't make warrior, they are boring IMO.

    make a rogue, its some what like a warrior but much more fun.

    Hunters are also fun, you can tame pets, they are mostly ranged attackers
  8. Of course
  9. I would recommend that you try each class and play it to level 10 or so. This will give you a good feel for the game and allow you to explore different professions as well.

    Pets are alot different in wow, and aggro works alot better, so I would recommend that you try a pet class before you dismiss the idea.

    Hunters are the best pve solo class in my experience - alot like a beastmaster/ranger cross - pet goes and aggros mobs while you pound them with arrows. Hunters also have the only FD and they cant track lots of different types of mobs/players.

    Druids are also very cool, because they can shape-change. They are warriors as a bear, rogues as a cat and healer/buffer/nukers as their normal form.

    Paladins can heal very well compared to eq pallies and are good tankers, but their ranged dps is nill.

    Basically, all of the classes aren't what you would expect coming from any other game, so try them all, find what you like - you will probably be surprised.
  10. >>My question to everyone here is if it is possible to enjoy WoW on a less intense basis than eq required, ie a few nights per week for a few hours?

    The more casual players do enjoy WoW; but endgame contents do require moderate time investment. You can pretty much progress at your own pace in the smaller instances.
    Raiding requires time commitment, but generally they are set. Most guild raid 2-5 days a week for about 4-6 hours at a time. The working people generally log on right after work and quit before bed. My guild raids Sun-Thurs 6:30 pm and quit b/t 10 pm and 1 am depending on the content. Smaller guilds probably raid less. Not everyone join a raiding guild. There are other things you can do to get decent gear (although top gear are usually from raids.).

    >>Also can anyone give any recommendations for a good starting class/race. In eq I played a wizard or a berserker, I was always interested in being a damage dealer and not a healer or buffer. Also I am not a pet class fan if possible. I have looked around and warlocks or rogues may seem interesting but wanted opinions from people who play already.

    There isn't a single buffing class in WoW. Most classes has some sort of buff beneficial to the group. Hunter, Warlock, Mage and Rogue are the dps classes. Mage and rogue has no pet. A mage is generally welcomed as dps in 5 man groups since polymorph crowd control seems to work almost anywhere, and is the easiest to use. Other 3 classes have CC's also, but may not be wanted in certain dungeon due to the limitations. This does not matter as much in bigger raids. The basic 5 man instance needs Tank, healer and CC. The other 2 spots can be any John Doe who's decent. The best tank is a warrior (Druid recently got nurf'd, but may be ok still). The best healer is a priest, but shaman and paladin can hold up well. The best CC is a mage. In big raids, different bosses requires different raid set up so most classes will be of use at one time or another.
  11. hopefully you're still reviewing this thread, but here's a suggestion I wish someone gave me. develop your skills from the start of the game!! The first opportunity you get, buy yourself a skinning knife and a mining pick. From the first opportunities, begin developing your mining and skinning skills. These two will net you SO much money over the long run.

    I was too lazy and excited to jump into the game when I started, and missed out on hundreds of gold easily because of it. If you reach the late game, you will WISH you had developed those skills early on, because the questing grind gives you endless opportunities for skinning and mining money.
  12. Hey, reading all the replies from people I imagine that now you are more confused than ever since there were so many different suggestions. Well, I have to agree that wow is a game that you can play at your own pace, and as someone else already mentioned, if you really wanna get the best gear you will most likely have to invest a good bit of time into the game. It is however possible to maintain a social life outside the gam if you don't get too hooked. I found that once I got to lvl 60, now 70, I started to feel differently about the game. It's much more fun and you don't have to deal with leveling, which in my opinion is a pain in the rear.
    In terms of classes, I think you will probably enjoy a rogue since they are the best melee DMG dealers. If you like casting I would go with either mage or warlock. In my opinion mages are more useful for their extremely effective AoE and CC but Warlocks are more fun to play. Locks were not always as good as they are now, so if you do start one, you have an advantage. I would stay away from warriors, if you are planning to do a lot of instances, since u will most likely end up as a protection warrior. They deal very little damage, and unless you like tanking you will have a hard time getting a party. Dont chose pallies, I am a lvl 70 pally and I can tell you that they are not the easiest class to play well. They are exceptional healers though, as well as a great asset to any party, you definately wanna have them in your groups.
    Lastly, I think this game can be much more fun if you are not in a hurry. Find yourself a good guild and you will really enjoy WOW. I have had experience with raiding guilds, and some are just way too extreme for me. If you have a life and some self respect you might wanna stay away from that. Find a friendly guild and I bet you will have a great time.

    Zoah (Aerie Peak)
  13. Oh i forgot to mention. Some classes are more effective for PVE and some more effective for PVP. If you really like PVP, another great suggestion is getting yourself a Shadow Priest. They simply kick ass. I have one and I love it.
  14. I have played every class in wow to a very high level and I must say the best imo is the druid. Druid is truly a jack of all trades, but a master at ONE. That's right. You see, in wow each class has 3 different talent trees but you can only specialize in one of the three trees. The druid is the only class in the game that has the option of being a dps melee fighter, a dps caster fighter, a tank, or an awesome healer. Druids, unlike other classes in the game, cannot be polymorphed which makes them one of the most in demand healers for pvp arena battles.

    The three talent trees for the druid is 1) BALANCE where you can basically cast spells and dps much like a mage except you wear the equivalent of plate armor by switching into moonkin form obtainable at level 30 2) FERAL where you can melee dps in cat form much like a rogue (you can even use stealth while in cat form) OR tank in bear form much like a warrior (Feral spec is the leveling spec most people choose due to low down time i.e. eating and drinking to regain health and mana).
    3) RESTORATION where you are considered to be one of the best healers in the game by using HOTS (heal over time spells)

    Did I also mention druids are the only class in the game that can resurrect a party member while in battle? They also have instant flight form at level 70 which only costs around 15-20 gold. All other characters in the game must pay 1,000 gold to learn the flying skill and then pay an addional 200 gold for the flying mount. Druids can shapeshift into a sea lion which can only be used in water. In this form you can breathe under water indefinitely and your speed while swimming is increased by 50%. I can go on and on and on but the best I can tell you, from my experience, the druid is the fastest at leveling (if you spec Feral) and is without a doubt the best "gatherer" meaning your professions are skinning and herbalism or skinning and mining (you can only choose 2 professions)

    Sure, other classes get awesome spells and tactics that make them all viable, but, at the end of the day, the druid is simply the best solo wise and the best in groups due to their awesome versatility and utility.

    Trust me, do yourself a favor and roll a "drood".
  15. Heya,

    Quit now, trust me.

    If not, roll a Paladin, Druid or Shaman for the long term.

    Edit: Fudge. Just looked up at the date. I wish these things would autolock after a few months to prevent this. :pfff:

    Very best,
  16. lol @ thread necros
  17. ^ Don't follow that link.

    Smells fishy, and strange that it's been necroed after so long.

    Anywhere that took me to a site called "" I'd be somewhat wary of.

    EDIT: Previous post reported and deleted. Ignore please.

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