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Hi Everyone,

I recently pushed the big button on the front of my computer Tower(Power button, I think it is called?)& nothing happened, can anyone tell me what is wrong? The case is a off-white color & has dust clinging to the top rear section, it has two buttons on the front, the little one is labeled "Reset", it has no name brand anywhere on the tower, the tv says "KDS". What is wrong?

I hope you are all laughing, this is not a real post, but people tell me this SH*T all the time! We as a community should have newbie guidelines for everyone's benefit. I know if you are good enough to build a system then you are good enough to know what you have in your system, & what is new in your system & what is from another system & how old & put it in your post, also if the problem just started after you installed new software or hardware. Just because you know/think something(like PS's) is good enough, it is sometimes helful to know what it is anyway. Also everyone should know, if you upgrade your mobo for a new mobo, YOU MUST REFORMAT YOUR HDD, REINSTALL YOUR OS & LOAD THE NEW MOBO/CHIPSET DRIVERS.

Wow, I feel better. But if there is some guidelines already out there, Tom shouldn't hide them. This maybe my worst post ever. I might not have the best sense of humour.

Peace Out..........tile

It would be nice if everyone gave too much information about their system & problems.
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  1. hmm..i have had friends tell me almost the exact same thing!
    and i have seen it on this site a few times...
    i dont recall any newbie guides to troubleshooting hardware and software problems.
    i think it is something that is learned through experience. and sometimes case sensative...
    BUT, i think a guide for the basics would be good.
    but then again, if more people used the "SEARCH" option, they would find out that their question, SOMETIMES THE EXACT SAME QUESTION has been asked and answered already! :eek:
    but yeah, that was pretty a tech sort of way... :wink: ...i think a person who would ask a question like that wouldnt find it funny, but people who know...(taps nose and winks :wink: ).


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  2. Yo T,

    Amen to that, I started asking in certain forums (not this one) and they had me for lunch. Ever since then I've started surfing and reading and learning. The acronyms got me for a while but if you can think then you can figure out what they mean especially within a prescribed text.

    By the way, you asked me in my post what temp readings I have (Upgraded from Intel to AMD)well I couldn't get an accurate report from SANDRA or MBM so I took a different road. Inaccurate meaning I was getting readings way off. SANDRA reported 212 C. MBM reported -34C. As I'm typing this (on-line) I'm getting a steady 51.2 degrees Celcius. I took a digital temp meter with a flat probe that fit perfectly between CPU and Heatsink and slid it in; booted and VIOLA! I wish I could keep it. Online gaming I got a little scared 'cause it rose to about 62.5 but as soon as I was linked to the game server it went down to fluctuate between 60-61 C. It's been steady now at 51-51.5C.

    Just thought you might want to know. Also my 3.3V; I also laid a multimeter to it and it stayed constant at 3.34V.
    To cast out doubt, these testers are from work and they're calibrated quarterly.


    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it!
  3. dont you just love it when they complain their computer wont turn on, and when you go over there they were pressing the power button on the monitor and not the box? "i never had to push the button on the box before!" riiiiiiiight

    how do you shoot the devil in the back? what happens if you miss? -verbal
  4. Hey J,

    In this true but, funny story, this woman from work had managed to both turn off the PS switch in the back of case & unplug the power cord! This was the biggest waste of a cross town trip that I have ever done, if she wasn't Married with children(in the house at the time), I would thought that she was hitting on me. No, she was just very stupid & her husband was just as bad when it comes to computers. She thought that I was a total Rocket Scientist, that I "Fixed it" so fast! She said it was like watching the "Matrix" or "Swordfish"..........I felt like god for like 1/2 second, then I realized who had just said it, & I thought, more like Captain Kirk helping the primitives. Well at least I got fresh baked cookies, for my travel time.

    The story gets worst, now because she is telling everyone, that I know everything about computers & I will come to their house for free............I doesn't pay to be the nice guy. I wish I had just kept my mouth shut about knowing anything. My next days off are now booked.

    Peace Out..............tile

    It would be nice if everyone gave too much information about their system & problems.
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