Soyo Dragon USB Issues

I come here for help since Soyo Tech support is absolutely useless.....

My setup
- Dragon with latest BIOS installed
- GeForceMX2
- Using built in audio and LAN and Promise RAID
- MMC Reader (USB)
- Logitech iTouch Keyboard (USB)
- MS Intellimouse (USB)
- HP 812C (USB)
- Windows XP Professional
- 512 megs of Crucial Memory
- Two 40 gig Maxtor drives strapped together in RAID 0

With everything hooked to USB (using two cards to get USB 3 through 6 off the motherboard), my keyboard and mouse each take turns conking out.....

When my keyboard conks out, it comes back after like 4 seconds, but when my mouse conks out, nothing short of a reboot fixes that

Before i got the keyboard, they mouse would act up as above, but only once in a while.. after i got the keyboard, it was much more frequent

I now have the keyboard and mouse on PS/2 using the USB > PS/2 adapters, but i'd like these to work right!!

Anyone have any ideas?
Also, could it be my power supply isn't strong enough? i think it is only 250 watts, but i am not sure if USB devices take more power than PS/2 ones do....

Thanks in advance for any insight/help/suggestions

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  1. power would seem the most likely problem, 250 is shamefull, i feel your computers pain. get at least a 300 from a reputable brand, enermax, antec, sparkle...

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  2. Don't know but I pasted your question etc to a post on the Soyo motherboard newsgroup.. go to alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.soyo and look for a post Headed <font color=purple>Dragon USB problem</font color=purple> by poster hopefully you can get some help there too


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  3. Quote:
    Reply from newsgroup

    Does the red light on the Intellimouse stay on when the mouse conks out,
    and does it brighten and dim appropriately? Or does it just go dark?

    You say you have USB 3 through 6 on cards to get them off the
    motherboard. Why? Have you tried seeing what happens if you bring 3-6
    off the motherboard?

    Have you tried a powered USB hub? Maybe you can borrow one to test and
    plug your USB stuff into. I usually bring keyboard off a motherboard USB
    port, mouse off the keyboard, other motherboard USB port has a powered
    USB hub connected with all the other USB stuff plugged into that.

    I just wonder if this isn't a power problem. Sounds like it. Using a
    powered USB hub should relieve your USB bus and power supply of that
    power drain. Also, I wonder if your mouse problem isn't separate.
    Microsoft has been notorious for poor quality hardware. The Intellimouse
    Explorer in particular is well-known for crapping out due to a bad cable
    (I replaced 4 at Microsoft's expense before I gave up). When those
    meeses started going bad, they would intermittently just go dark. Didn't
    bring down the whole bus, though. Often a reboot would bring it back for
    awhile, then it would just die completely.

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