abit TH7II

What's the highest speed it can take, no o/c and o/c? Also will it be okay with newer (upcoming) intel CPUs?

Want to replace my xp1600+asus mobo with that board and a P4 1.8a and stay with it for a while, if nothing else then just replace it with the fastest P4a later and o/c it to it's max. :) Don't want to buy more hardware for a while and had enough of every asus+via board crapping out on me so far.

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  1. hmm TH7II or TH7II-Raid, is there any diff other than the raid? Like the bios best for o/c not the best for one of them... I have no clue so help me out you P4 o/c guys, this is going to be my first Intel setup and I had enough of crappy stuff.

    What should I know about the ram when buying? Is there a number on it I should look for, or something that's on it and don't have to ask the sales guy who average know little or nothing (like the one who told me that I can't remove the bios from my Asus A7V133 unless I use a solder gun and he pointed at my ata controller's chip to show, ugh I don't want to ask those people)

    Just want to be sure that I get the right stuff, so feel free getting into details that would put any other sane person to sleep. :)

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  2. You want low-density Samsung RDRAM. PC1066 has started appearing for a small premium, I'd look into it.

    The only difference is the RAID, the BIOSes are exactly the same.

    As for the highest speed it can take, who knows? It's not something you need to worry about.

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  3. I can read "low-density" on it? going with the 800, stores here are behind a little with new stuff, but you never know, in 2 weeks they might get some.

    Is there anything else I should know?

    Getting the mobo/ram/cpu all at once if I can, one store chain got the mobo but it's already on the leftover list (meaning they have a few and not getting more). Found 800 samsung ram in 2 stores costing almost the same (no clue about the density), the 1.6 and up are in every store so no sweat about that.

    Guess OEM cpu would be a better deal since I'm going to crank it up asap, then have to find a decent but silent cooler. heh it never end. :)

    Thanks for the info!

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