Folders do not copy to CD?

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I've successfully copied/moved folders from my hard drive using
copy/paste & then burn (write these files) onto CD but some other
folders do not perform the copy/paste to CD though I can move/copy them
to another destination on the same hard disk.
I have also tried highlighting the folders then selecting 'copy selected
items' to CD drive but this does not work either.

I am using XP home on a 512MB memory PC

Many Thanks

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.newusers (More info?)

    Try copy the items or accumilate folders/files to say,my documents,you dont need
    to paste,put all in a new folder you create, the folder,then in drop down menu,
    select,copy to cd,or select move these items,in the new window select the cdrw drive.
    Even if files are on the desktop you can, the folder,then select,move to cdrw,
    you should get:"files waiting to be written to cd" open the cdrw, the folder,then select,write to cd.
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