W7 Hang at Welcome Screen + Can't log in due 2 hang

I've tried booting into safe mode and I've tried using the windows 7 disc, to repair my computer, but whenever Windows 7 boots up, it starts to slow down at the log-in screen (takes 10 seconds to recognize a click, but typing works fairly fine). The HDD activity light is always on and SOLID from the log-in screen.
I log in, and the computer simply hangs with the cursor animation going around and around at the welcome screen.
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
I also have a dual-boot copy of Ubuntu 10.04, which works perfectly fine.

Any suggestions on how to repair my copy of windows?

EDIT: I was able to log in after 30 minutes of waiting and excessively slow hard drive speed. I'm thinking it might be multiple anti-virus softwares fighting each other. (I restarted my computer and Norton 360 gave me a warning about it (?) , but I hadn't installed any antivirus software since norton 360 (3 weeks ago)) Could this be Windows Defender?

EDIT2 : My Windows Defender Service is read as stopped.
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    uninstall Norton(it's a resource hog), disable Win Defender, if you have any others disable/remove and boot, good luck
    P.S. please don't use Norton or McAfee, there are a bunch of others out there much better, Vipre (new kid on the block),NOD32, Avast, Super, MalWareBytes, Kasperski
  2. Fixed after supremely long login (30 minute wait) and uninstall of norton 360.
    Any suggestions on a good anti-virus program? I'm currently using AVG until someone can give me a better one to use :x
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  4. Glad it worked and thanks
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