Gaming Machine Opinions (what I want to build)

Well I am getting ready to build my machine and want some opinions first and to see if I should change anything or wait a couple months if something new is coming.

Nvidia Geforce 7900 GTX 512mb
2GB Memory for now eventually 4 once x64 XP or Vista is completely supported (driver wise)

Is there a new line of GPU coming out soon that should make me wait a few months. I know the ATI x1900 is a kickbutt card however ATI drivers suck and always give issues.
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  1. Gfx card wise, they're actually pretty quiet at the moment. Everyone is worn out after three month GPU generations. Don't cry into your milk if in six months something better comes out at double the price - chasing the graphics carrot is an expensive and, at the end of the day, pointless race. Buy that rig now, you won't regret it in a year.
  2. I forgot to add I am doing 2 wd 74GB 10k drives RAID 0.

    Yeah I know this will do UT Engine 3.0 and everything else coming out later this year no problem. My current machine is a FX-51 CPU with Geforce 6800 256MB. I wouldnt even really upgrade but since I can't go PCI-e I have no choice but to do a full upgrade. Otherwise I would just update my GPU.
  3. I went through the same decision process. You never catch up. It was FX-57, opps FX-60 just came out. Then 7800 256, but 512 just came out, so I get that. You just have to pick a cutoff and go for it. I was top dog for about a month. I ordered before the 7900 cards and the latest Raptors were released. And now we got AM2, another NV, Vista stuff, yada, yada coming. What I wanted was to run FEAR, BIA-EIB, Far Cry, etc max out and I can do that with room to spare. And cover any new games for the next few years. Plus the FX-60 and NV cards OC real nice. Price points are in your favor now. I say go, or wait till after Vista then look again. I'll be real happy with mine for a while.
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  4. Well if you have 512mb video that help tremendously for future games. And the 7800 runs unreal engine 3.0 beautifully so 7800 is plenty.

    With this new rig I should only have to upgrade my gpu in two years. CPU is not going to be as important, these games need the gpu and soon the physics card. If you have a great GPU and PhysicX card then all should be good.
  5. Why are you upgrading? What do you want from your new rig that your old one can't provide? Are you crunching a lot of data and running games at really high resolutions?
  6. Well the problem is I am sick! Actually my wife is selling her house and we are having some fun money so I need to do it now before I can't do it later.

    For example all my games run great, except F.E.A.R. is starting to test my hardware. Even though I can run it at 1280x1024 I would rather stay at 16x12 with soft shadows and etc. Even soft shadows and 1600x1200 would put my new rig through some stress.

    Additionally unreal engine 3.0 is totally made to run well on the GF 7600 and there are some awesome games coming out using that engine. And I cannot settle for 1024x768.

    And adding to that, Crysis looks to be completely killer and no way my current hardware will allow me to fully see what that engine can do.

    I am a graphics junky and can't just settle for gameplay, I need the best graphics too.
  7. I think the only thing you'd really need ot keep in mind is that in a year or so DirectX 10 will be out, as will the first games for it. The 7800 should definatly keep you gaming smoothly for a year at least (hell, I still get buy on a Radeon 9800), but just be prepared for the next generation to plop down this fall or early next year.
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