"error loading os" Please Help!

Please help with a problem. I installed a new additional harddrive and was moving files from the primary drive to it. I had the case open and touched it, causing a static discharge. The computer immediately shut down. Now I cannot get it to start without having the WinXP disk in the cd rom. I get the message "error loading os" and it stops there. I did a reinstall to fix windows but that didn't work. I also used Recovery to write new a mbr (fixmbr) and wrote a new bootsector (fixboot) but still the same error and lock up. Any ideas?

Thanks very much for any assistance! Michael
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  1. how do you know it discharged? did you get shocked? which hard drive is dead? tried unplugging the bad one and installing?

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  2. which part of the PC did you touch?

    could have fried the ram or worse, compromised the chipset integrity

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  3. Try each HD individually, and if it still does it then try a single ram stick, preferable one that wasn't in the system at the time. Looks like maybe its just one of the HD though.

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  4. BTW - this is cross posted in Windows XP and who knows which other forum. I answered it there. MicahaelMT, in the future if you're going to post the same question in multiple forums please at least indicate that in the post.

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