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May 13, 2002 1:30:28 AM

I am going to choose a mobo for my dream PC, I used to think ASUS A7V333 is better, but after reading many articles posted here, someone said it has many problems, So I am now considering the GA-7VRXP. But I really like the CPU heat protection (c.o.p) feature of A7V333, with IEEE1394 port which is not provided by GA-7VRXP. So which one is better ? By the way I going to use Leadteck GeForce3 Ti 64MB as video card, Does it conflict with any of these two mobo? Does any one have advice of these two mobo? many thanks.

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May 13, 2002 1:34:34 AM

it all depends on what features your after, there IS another KT333 motherboard with thermal proteciton you know. msi or soyo? cant remember.

and are you ever going to use IEEE?

and your graphics card should work fine in either.

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May 13, 2002 4:21:51 AM

that's depend if you would like to overclock it or not?
if you want the mb raid option?
you have to more specify your needs.

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May 13, 2002 4:35:13 AM

I just need a stable mobo with good performance, no overclocking, no raid,
May 13, 2002 11:13:48 AM

I'm in the same boat. I can't decide on the Asus A7V333 or the Soyo Dragon Ultra KT333. Both have CPU heat protection and both have Raid. I'm also not looking to overclock.

My problem is that none of the OEM dealers in my area carry the new Soyo. They said it wasn't a good board, but yet they rave about how great ECS boards are.

The only negative thing I've heard about the Soyo is that it is more expensive, not quite as fast as others. I've also seen a review where a guy had a hard time putting the KT266A version together. He said that had to keep reinstalling windows because he couldn't get the soundcard to work in PCI slot 2. He said that there was nothing wrong with the card or the slot and that he actually got the card to work in another slot and some other device to work in slot 2. That's the only person I've heard mention that. Hopefully, the new KT333 board doesn't have the same problem.

As far as speed, I've heard both the Soyo and Asus aren't as fast as other boards, but I'm not going to recognize the difference because I'm going from a P166MMX to 1.5ghz.

May 13, 2002 2:00:07 PM

I just ordered the A7V333 for my system. I got the board without onboard raid because i don't need it. Only costed about $120(US). Should get the board today will let ya know how it works.

In general i think of Asus for stability and Soyo for addon features.
May 13, 2002 4:53:35 PM

I received my new system 3 weeks ago.
Athlon 1800+
512 M pc2700 ram cas 2.5
MSI GE 3 Ti 200 128 M ddr
Maxtor 7200rpm 40G
Sound blaster 5.1 live

When I first power it on, nothing worked. I returned it to the dealer and after checking they changed the mobo cause it seems to be the problem. Since this time every thing running very well at 330 Mhz memory clock.
The only thing I'm wondering is the power supply capacity which is actually 250 watts. According to other post every people recommend 300 or 350 watt. Any way, I keep this one and I'll see if it's true.
May 16, 2002 9:05:00 PM

Just an update.. other than a shutdown problem with win98(go figure) everything is working smooth... going to do some overclocking this weekend and see how things go. So far im very happy with the asus board.. and would recommend it. Other people here have complained about problems.. but i didn't experience any.
May 17, 2002 12:38:27 AM

thanx a lot Milkman95, if you like, please list all your pc parts brand, name ... etc. I'd like to know more about your system.
May 17, 2002 1:06:36 AM

I too have been pondering the Asus, MSI and Gigabyte KT3
boards. I'm leaning towards the MSI, but I have one
question about the Gigabyte. I posted this question in
other forums,but failed to get a response.

Most the KT3 boards have a multiplier of 15x in the bios.
The Gigabyte boards has only a 12.5x multiplier and it is
on the board (dip switches). Am I correct in assuming that
if I build a pc using the Gigabyte board, I will be limited
by this 12.5x mulitplier in future upgrades?

For example, I could put a duron 1.2G (133x12) on now, but
later upgrade to a tbred. However at 12.5x166, I would be
limited at 2.1G. The MSI would allow a 15x166 or 2.5G.
More importantly, since the Gigabyte mulitplier is on the
board (not in the bios), it can not be increased with a
bios update.

The MSI and ASUS provide a bios mulitplier which could be
increased with a bios update and hence they have a much
better upgrade path... or am I missing something?
May 17, 2002 2:15:56 AM

I just got the A7V333 and I have had no problems that have been caused by the motherboard... now user error that's another story lol the motherboard works perfect

However I wish I could overclock this sucker a little more.

Of course my processor is locked so I am just bumping the FSB up I can only get it up to 140 and have my computer run stable anyone have anyideas?

Should I unlock my processor?

AMD XP 1900+
Geforce 3 TI 200
PC2100 512MB
May 17, 2002 2:07:28 PM

AMD XP 1900+(retail using box fan so far)
A7V333 w/o raid and sound disabled
Leadtek Geforce 3 TI 200
Corsair PC2400XMS 512MB (2x256 and running CL2)
Enlight Case with 300Watt PS +2 case fans
SB Live Value (had this a while :) 
3com 10/100

Sort of fixed the shutdown problem.. now it just always restarts.. guess thats what i get for playing with the IRQ and busmastering settings :)