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Over the years myself and Clan WOS have been collecting and gathering Quake 2 files in hopes of preserving this great game. At present we have over 5500 Quake 2 maps, and just about every modification made for Quake 2. The file archive grows by the day so check back often for new files and especially new Quake 2 maps.

Long Live Quake 2 !! :D

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  1. right on brother! Been downloadin many maps myself, Q2 FTW! :D
  2. Sweet! My most favorite game ever..............I have more fun on quake II than any game. Does anyone frag online these days?????

    I have been without a decent system for some time. I am building a sweet gaming machine THIS WEEK. I have been thinking about trying to recruit some locals and get them into Quake so we can frag online like the old days.

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