Nintendo's Counter-Revolution: Wii Will Rock You?

Wii will rock you - at least, that's what Nintendo is hoping. The company decided to scrap the perfectly respectable and appropriate "Revolution" name for its forthcoming next generation console, replacing it with "Wii". The title is supposed to symbolize togetherness, as in, "Wii Are the World". Will gamers let this clunky brand name get in the way of their fun?
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  1. Such a strange name...
  2. Over a period of days, the name has grown on me, especially after seeing the Red Sword demo.

    That name has certainly been talked about, to the point that people haven't been talking about PS3 at all! I guess any publicity IS good publicity... :lol:
  3. Yeah, it is a catchy name. Especially when you consider how diffrent it is. I mean playstation hasnt changed since they started making consoles. Nintendo is at least throwing out ideas that can give the video game industry a name. What im really excited about is the new mario games, hopefully they will make a new platformer that will revolutionize the Wii.
  4. I am acully wanting a Nintendo Wii more now than ther playstation 3. Mostly I like how it is different than everyone else. PS3 will be good but looks like nothing has changed i mean the ps3 shell looks somwhat like the one for the PS2 and i have been using the same playstation controller sense the first playstation.
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