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I know there's been a huge argument over how the kt333 is useless for an upgrade. I'm makin a whole new computer and i was interested in Epox's 8k3a. However, I alo want to do some overclocking on this board and was wondering if the 8kha was a better alternative for my comp. Also, here are the finalized specs for my comp. my main question is do i have enough power?

Athlon XP 2000+
Epox 8k3a (or 8kha)
Geforce4 ti4400 Leadtek
Lite-on 16xDVD/48x CD
MaxtorDiamondMax D740X 40GB Lseries
3 1/2 floppy (generic)
LITE-ON's LTR-32123S 32x/12x/40x
3COM 905CX-TXM lan card
boston acoustics ba 635
turtle beach santa cruz
Corsair 256MB PC3000
Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920
reg. ps/2 mouse
memorex multimedia keyboard
antec sx1200
Enermax 431W EG465P-VE(FM)
eheim 1048 pump
and about 5-6 fans (small ones)

Jesus may save, but <i>I</i> invest.
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  1. I do not think that KT333 is an useless upgrade. I have the Asus A7V266-E and I will not spend $130 for upgrading my A7V266-E to a new motherboard with KT333 chipset. If I am building my computer now then I will definitely get a KT333 based motherboard. It is just like CPU. Athlon 1800XP is useless upgrade for me since I already get an Athlon 1700XP but if I am getting the computer now I might get Athlon 1800XP instead of 1700XP.
  2. Hey M,

    Great post! Very Good Components! I wouldn't change a thing! I would go with the 8K3A+(raid) over the 8KHA+. It is easier to setup to OC. Why not spend the extra $20 and have more options. Everything that you have listed is good, although you might want a better pointing device & you don't list a HSF(?). I like the T.I. Dr. Thermal V77L's as a low noise HSF for very mild OC'ing. If you really want to get into wild OC'ing, look into the Alpha HSF's using 92mm Panasonic fans. It looks like a very well thought out system, Good Luck.

    Peace Out.............tile

    It would be nice if everyone gave too much information about their system & problems.
  3. YES
    ive got the 8k3a+
    at stock its pretty much the same as any kt333 or kt266a, but overclock it and it flies.
    especially with the core voltage up to 2.2v!!!

    My Next Performance System!!! - P4 Celleron, 128k cache, SDRAM, Integrated graphics, 5400rpm HDD!
  4. well i'm watercooling.. i getting the innovatek kit from with the ehiem 1048 pump.. also why is the 8k3a+ better than the 8k3a? i'm not doing raid.. is it just better than the 8k3a because it has raid? thanks for the comments btw..

    Jesus may save, but <i>I</i> invest.
  5. well yes.
    its got raid plus i think the onboard sound is better/ got more outputs or something.

    small diffs really.
    im not using the raid option at the moment, but all 4 ide spaces are taken up, so RAID onboard offers easy expansion room for the future.

    My Next Performance System!!! - P4 Celleron, 128k cache, SDRAM, Integrated graphics, 5400rpm HDD!
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