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I'm not trekkie, but I did very much enjoy the original X-wing and the X series of games seem great. Imagine Bethesda's take on customization added to a space combat sim. Can't see how it could be bad even with Dr. Spock. Oh, I guess I should state this about an E3 article from I suppose having "space" as the background would help with textures and framerates a bit, so maybe this game will be a little easier on our systems than Oblivion? Just looking for your thoughts.
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  1. Yeah, I sure did, I was just talking about this genre of games. X-wing, Tie fighter, X, X2, X3: the reunion..
  2. Ok, I fixed the link. Sorry about that, having another off day. Did you ever play the x-wing games? I still miss my modified A-wing....
  3. Yeah, I really don't know my star trek stuff. I watched most of the Next Generation and parts of Deep Space Nine, but nothing else really. So, I don't even remember many of the ships. I enjoyed the A-wing because it was fast AND had shields. Couldn't stand the TIE fighters. They just could NOT take any damage and were not any fun. The TIE advanced was good, but you had to have the patience to get it.
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed Starfleet Command Vol 2 and Orion Pirates. III was from activision and blew chunks. If they can get a real time engagement system with the gameplay from Starfleet command It would be cool.
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