Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra -- BooBoo?

I recently ordered some stuff from to build my first
computer. The components I purchased include an Intel P4 2.2 GHz and
OCZ DDRAM 512MB PC-2700 CL2. The stuff is in the mail and will be
here early next week.

I purchased the P4S Dragon Ultra based largely on favorable reviews
several hardware sites and C/net. I like the built in sound and
Ethernet and the Soyo has a complete retail package.

I now have some concern that I may have made a booboo. I have
recently read about many problems with the board on several boards
forums. These problems are related to certain video cards, problems
with updating the bios and the bios not working correctly. It
that the video card problems can be fixed by sending the board back
Soyo, but it takes three weeks from the time you send it in to
it back.

Although I am moderately technical, I would prefer not to deal with a
bunch of ‘issues' with my first computer building effort.

My options are:

1) Rock and roll with the P4s Dragon Ultra and hope that I do not
experience the problems I have read about.

2) Send the board back to (I would have to eat the
shipping) and wait for the new wiz-bang Soyo SY-P4S645DX DRAGON Ultra
which supports 533 MHz FSB. It is supposed to be available toward
end of this month. My assumption would be that Soyo would have fixed
the problems with the SY-P4S DRAGON Ultra.

3) Send the board back to and order a different board
another manufacturer. Cost is not a major consideration.

So, my question to those of you with more experience and knowledge
about motherboards and building your own computers, given the above
options, what would you do? Moreover, if your option is number 3,
what should I buy and why.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I saw your original post on the soyo mobo newsgroup .. didn't answer there for fear of offending any fanboys so.. as an owner of the board you ordered I can say that if I had it to do over I would choose a different board for all the reasons above. at this point I suggest you return it to newegg and get something else ( also the OCZ ram has a bad rep. for o\c'ing lately consider the samsung and return the ocz)
    I will say in all honesty that at stock speeds the board is stable and fast but ... I cannot run the most aggressive mem timings or oc very much.. Good luck whatever ya do if there are any questions about this board I can help with holler at me( ps I use an ati 8500 but had a gf3ti200 in it also and both work fine)


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